Goals and Outcome

The overall objective of this workshop is to provide a venue for researchers and practitioners, from within and outside of HCI, to begin to shape the future of Agile and UCD research. The workshop has two goals:

  1. Identify future trends for research on Agile and UCD
  2. Identify challenges and success stories when working with UCD and Agile.

Depending on the nature of workshop contributions, findings from the workshop will hopefully be presented either as an overview report in an HCI journal or as a special issue in an HCI journal. We also plan to create an e-mail discussion list to continue the discussion and hope to organize a follow-up workshop or SIG at CHI 2016. More broadly, we aspire to create a community of HCI professionals interested in the integration of the user perspective and UCD in Agile and hope this workshop and subsequent activities will spark a conversation within the community about how to shape the future of UCD and Agile.

SUBMISSION DEADLINE – 14th of August, 2014.

Please email your submissions to: marta@ru.is.